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This blog will pertain to Once Upon a Time. Mainly, the characters of Captain Hook/Killian Jones & Baelfire/Neal Cassidy, and their ships of Hookfire & Captainfire. There will be bits of other stuff in there too, like other projects from their amazing actors. Glad to answer all questions and concerns, and to otherwise just provide pretty things for you to look at. :)

Sooo did anyone ever download that video from youtube, The Ferret Bloopers? The one with Dylan Schmid and Cainan Wiebe doing outtakes on The Ferret Squad? The youtube that it’s on made it private. :(



  • i’ve reached the point in ouat where we discover who bealfire is 
  • and i’m really into hook/bealfire
  • but like
  • aren’t there any slash fics out there that DON’T feature a 14 yo bealfire and a thirty-something hook ? bc that’s just gross
  • waiting for your recs guys ?

You’re in the wrong tag if you don’t want 14 year old Bae. You’re looking for Captainfire. Not Hookfire.




what i wouldn’t give for a captain pan harry potter au with pan being a slytherin/ravenclaw and killian the new defence against the dark arts professor oh lord.

I see Pan definitely as a Slytherin. He looks good in green~



So many posts in different OUAT character tags about how Hook gave Neal up to Peter Pan and how they’re now “suddenly” mates. Well, all I have to say is that you haven’t been watching the show or you just don’t remember what happened.

Neal/Baelfire was the one who wanted off the ship and on the island after he found out Hook was in love with Milah and all that.

Here’s a bit of a complete recap of the ep:

In Neverland, Smee tells Hook that if he doesn’t surrender Baelfire to the Lost Ones soon, not only will Baelfire be taken, but Hook will be killed. Hook grows angry at Smee, asserting that he is the Captain of this ship, and that if anyone disagrees they can walk the plank. Baelfire then jumps up from under the ships deck and slashes at Hook with a sword. Baelfire shows Hook the drawing of his mother, Milah, that he found on Hook’s desk. Baelfire says that Hook is the pirate who killed her, before swiping at Hook again, who again averts the sword. Hook confesses to Baelfire that he fell in love with Milah and proceeded to run off with her, and that Rumplestiltskin lied to him, and in actuality is the one who ripped out Milah’s heart out and crushed it. Hook tells Baelfire that Milah and him always wanted to go back for him, and them finding each other is fate’s way of carrying out Milah’s plans. Baelfire confronts Hook about wanting his father dead, and Hook admits this. Baelfire tells Hook that he ripped apart his family, and asks to be taken back to his real family—the Darlings. Hook tells Baelfire that he can’t do this, and that it is impossible to leave Neverland, and that he is better off on the Jolly Roger where he has protection. Baelfire walks away from Hook and says that he would rather fend for himself. 

Baelfire tells Hook to drop him off anywhere on Neverland’s mainland, though Hook tells him that he won’t be able to survive alone. Hook tries to talk Baelfire into staying aboard his ship, but Baelfire says that he knows that Hook will never change, because he only cares about himself. Hook then thanks Baelfire for reminding him that his real ambition is killing Rumplestiltskin. Just as he says this, the Lost Ones climb aboard the ship and take Baelfire, who tells Hook that he is just like his father.”

Just because teh Lost Boys show up right when they’re fighting doesn’t mean it was someone who gave him up and even so I think it’s more likely that it was Smee, not Hook. As Smee wants to hand him over from the start while Hook wants Neal/Baelfire to stay.

When the Lost Boys showed up, Bae said “You’re not letting me go.” and Hook replies “How would that help me?” That’s pretty much an admission of guilt. It was Hook who asked Felix, once they had Bae, if Peter would be pleased. It would be pretty bad captaining if they were ambushed by a bunch of teenage boys and Hook had no idea it was coming. He had plenty of warning the first time they showed up to look for Bae. It was planned. Would Hook have fought them off if Bae chose to stay? Maybe. But there’s no denying that he was the reason they were there in the first place. He gave Bae to them.



Am I the only one who has a crush on Dylan Schmid…?

Nope. He has ensnared many. :))


Seriously. It’s an epidemic. No cure, I’m afraid. Not that we want one…